Chinese Hoops


Sizes & Prices

All hoops are hand-crafted by me in a small workshop in Berlin-Kreuzberg. A little bit of time should be taken into account for the manufacture of the ordered article. Special requests are no problem - any other surface design is possible an doable. The indicated prices are for hoops in house-style design: stained rainbow-coloured (you can see the wood grain) and two layers of water-based varnish.

(inner diameter)
light version
(8 mm thick)
robust version
(12 mm thick)
30 cm 149 € 199 €
40 cm 167 € 223 €
50 cm 184 € 245 €
60 cm 201 € 269 €
70 cm 218 € 291 €
90 cm 228 € 303 €
stand 83 €
complete set 1.230 € 1.613 €
bag 250 €

(all prices without VAT)

Shipping costs: Germany - 90 € / Europe - 180€


Here are two very nice examples of Chinese hoops in practical use ...

... once in a children's and youth circus:

... and once from professionals.


Everybody can learn hoopdiving!

In recent years I developed a training method in which perfect mastery of the dive roll is not the precondition for hoop diving, but the other way round: with the help of the hoops, I can introduce even completely inexperienced young artists in a relaxed and playful way to the roll itself and, in a flowing transition, to beautiful, smooth flying dive rolls.

 In my workshops I will introduce circus trainers and sports instructors to my way of working with the Chinese hoops; children and teenagers who simply want to jump through hoops themselves without pedagogical intentions are also very welcome.

 If you want to learn (or teach) something new in a playful way, my workshop are for you!


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